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Pressurized Equipments

Mega’s services include design, engineering, procurement, fabrication and installation of field-installed storage tanks for the mining, automotive, gas, oil, petroleum and the petrochemical industries.


Mega is well experienced in installation of storage tanks; including spherical tanks, pressure vessels and autoclaves.

One of the latest projects of Mega in Erzincan Gold Mine included the installation of two inside building Autoclaves. Mega accomplished the on-site installation of largest autoclaves globally 600 Tons in total by specially designed and manufactured systems.


Liquid Storage Tanks, LNG Tanks, Spherical Storage Tanks are provided for gas, oil, petroleum and the petrochemical industries.


Autoclaves are provided for mining industry.


Hyperbaric chambers are provided for medical industry. 

Photos from Some of Mega's Pressurized Equipment Projects

2 x 3.000 m³ Butane Storage Tanks 

3 x 5.000 m³ Butane – Propane Storage Tanks

Vertical Pressure Vessel

Horizantal Pressure Vessel (Autoclave)

4 x Horizantal Pressure Vessels (Autoclaves)

Biggest Autoclave Installation in Pieces 0n-Site

5.000 m³  Propane Storage Tank 

 2.500 m³  Spherical Storage Tank 

Spherical Storage Tanks

Medical Hyperbaric Chamber

 8 x Spherical Storage Tanks

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