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MEGA is a well experienced engineering and construction company founded in 1993, located in Kocaeli/ Turkey, only 100 km from Istanbul. MEGA serves her customers both in serial production and project basis fabrication&installation.

Mega has 9,000 square meter indoor area, having 20,000 square meter area in total. 

MEGA performs serial production for agriculture, farming and heavy construction machine producers; fabricating metal parts with high quality standards, relying on quality certificates for fabrication and welding and experience in industry for almost 3 decades with long-term employees, ensuring the achievement of continuous satisfaction for quality. 

Project basis scopes include performing both turn-key and unit basis fabrication and erection of industrial facilities, production lines and equipment.


Agricultural Machinery, Automotive, Oil, Gas & Petrochemical, Mining and Tire are some of the industries MEGA cooperates with her clients and becomes solution partner of many. The strategic location, know-how, wide range modern equipment capacity, experienced and distinguished personnel of MEGA family proudly leads us to a customer satisfaction of 98% and higher in 2019. 




MEGA's mission is to be the preferred one due to; trustworthiness, offering the highest quality products and services in her business lines in light of our corporate culture; creating domestic and global value in cooperation with our beloved clients. 


MEGA's vision is to take place among the leading companies in the sector both domestically and globally. 

Corporate Culture

MEGA is;

Customer oriented,

Serves on time with ultimate quality,

Open to changes, gives credit to development, 

Ethical and visionary.  

Quality Policy

Customer satisfaction in maximum level, 

Personal and professional development of our personnel and raising motivation, 

Continuous improvement of processes which have direct impact on product quality,

Increasing efficiency working in mutual cooperation and trust with our suppliers, 

Increasing our company's success and competition keeping continuous development in agenda at all times with our specialised technical team and our company's experience with more than a quarter century;

are the fundamental policy of Mega in accordance with industrial plants design, fabrication and installation in compliance with client conditions, legal legislation and Quality Management System conditions. 

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